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Publié le par Chestady

Saviez-vous que les sites France2.com et France3.com n'appartenaient pas à France Télévision mais à une société étrangère ?

Faites y un tour et lisez les messages d'ouverture et de libre échange avec la France....


French is the worst tribe and shamless people in the world.


they really like to tell a lie also it's too rare to keep the

promise for them.


if they thought it's unfavorable for them, they just breach

hat promise over the transom.


if you have to contract with french for business,

you should always be aware their dirty cheatings.


and the best way is not make any kind of deal with french people,


French is dirty frogs...!


We invite partner for join our business!...


contact us : net603@dreamwiz.com


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Superchik 17/07/2008 07:14

Eh oui... tu n'étais pas au courant ? lol